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Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3 feet)

Nuke Performance

Fits between filler neck and cap

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Article no.: NUK-150-31-201

Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3 feet)

The Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit is the perfect solution for all of your fuel-filling needs. Its anti-static corrugated design allows for maximum flexibility.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, an 80% weight savings in comparison to commonly used aftermarket 50mm (2") fill hoses is achieved, which means it won´t add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, making it ideal for motorsports applications.

  • Extremely flexible thanks to its corrugated design
  • Safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels
  • Very lightweight, with up to 80% weight savings
  • Anti-static nylon hose and Viton bushings
  • 50mm (2") internal diameter
  • Fits straight onto the CFC Unit and Remote filler cap

Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3 feet) includes:
1 x Nylon corrugated fuel filler hose (90cm / 3ft)
2 x Viton bushings with an internal diameter of 50mm (2")
2 x Stainless steel hose clamps
1 x POM clamp insert (used if the hose is cut into length)


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