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Hurricane Motorsport wastegate 44

Hurricane Motorsport

Water cooling - high flow

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Hurricane Motorsport wastegate 44

Hurricane 44mm wastegate is prepared for water cooling but can also be used without water cooling connected. Both milled and cast parts are of high quality. A large membrane surface provides smooth and quick control of the turbo boost pressure.

A really affordable wastegate that delivers top class.

The wastegate has several inputs for air pressure and vacuum to be able to be adjusted nicely in all installations. Plugs for inputs that you do not choose to use are included.

Product Features
• Water cooling
• V-band connections
• Air connection 5pcs M10x1.0
• Water connection 2pcs M8x1.0

Supplied parts
• Wastegate (Pre-assembled with 1bar (14psi) spring)
• Stainless valve seat
• V-band inlet
• Stainless steel welding flange inlet
• V-Band outlet
• Stainless steel welding flange outlet
• Mounting kit with adapters, plugs, banjos and washers.

Inner spring
Green - 0,2bar (2,9 PSI)
Yellow - 0,34bar (4,9 PSI)

Middle spring 
Red - 0,26bar (3,8 PSI)
Blue - 0,38bar (5,45 PSI)

Outer spring
White - 0,35 bar (5,0 PSI)
Black - 0,43 bar (6,2 PSI)

Hurricane Wastegate video

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Hurricane Motorsport

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Kristoffer• 2021-04-01

Grym WG. Köpte den för att den var billig. Den har fungerat riktigt bra! 5 av 5 får den!

Olle• 2021-04-05

Mappat och klart med denna!. 540whp B230. :)

Douglas• 2021-04-07

Wastegaten gör det den skall.

Patrik• 2021-04-08

Allt är efter mappningen över förväntan.

Martin• 2021-04-18

Funktion, pris oc leverans får 5 av 5p!

alexander• 2021-04-20

Denna WG är klockren!

Isak• 2021-04-21

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