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Convex or concave brake fitting?

That may be the most common question of all! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have built a blueprinted 1000hp engine and a tubular frame chassis according to all the rules of the art, the question remains. Should I have a convex or concave cone on my brake fitting? Convex or concave?

Now let's keep this simple.


Convex and concave cone

There are two types of cones to choose from. Convex or concave according to the pictures below.



Double cone

Since this has been one of the most common questions we have received, we have developed the double cone. It is both convex and concave in the same product. Now it is easy to choose which brake products to have.

-The double cone brake fitting

Brake fitting cone angle

There are cones with 90degree and 74 degrees.

Convex 90 degrees
Convex74 degrees
Concave 90 degrees
Concave 74 degrees

The brake products offered from Speedig are 90 degree cones, but other products on the market may have different angles. That is why we also offer 74 degree cones. But if you are building a new system, you use 90 degrees, which is more common.

If there is a 90 degree cone in the system, you should pair it with another 90 degree cone to get it right. The same goes for 74 degree cones.

Many point out that it works to mix and the answer is yes it does, but since we are talking about brake systems, mixed cones immediately become a bigger risk. -Use the same angle cones and minimize the risk of leakage.