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Fuel pump 525 silver for E85


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Article no.: SPDFP525S

A modified Walbro GST520 pump adapted to cope with ethanol (E85) and optimized for better flow.

This is an in-tank fuel pump that is made for ethanol and submersible mounting in tanks and the service life is therefore very good. The pump is compact and has a diameter of 50mm, which makes it easy to install in most fuel tanks.

This fuel pump of course works just as well on petrol.

Technical data:

- Handles ethanol and petrol
- Length: 131mm
- Upper diameter: 39mm
- Bottom diameter: 50mm
- Connection in: 11mm (external)
- Bottom diameter: 11mm (external)
- Voltage 12V
- Maximum working pressure 9.5 bar

Flows at 13.5V
470 L/H at 3 bar
425 L/H at 4 bar
395 L/H at 5 bar

Fits very well in the fixture of many Volvo cars, Nissan, Saab, Subaru Impreza etc.

Sufficient for approx. 900-1000hp on petrol and 700-800hp on E85.

Mounted inside the tank.

Connectors and pre-filter included

2 year full warranty on this fuel pump.


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