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ACL Race Main Bearings Ford 221/255/260/289/Windsor/5.0 (001)



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Article no.: ACL-5M590H-001

ACL bearings are used for tuning and engine upgrades where you want better quality with higher bearing capacity than normal standard bearings.

Improvements of material, dynamic thickness, heat conduction, oil grooves and oil distribution are some of the points that make ACL one of the leading bearing manufacturers.

Bearing data

Part number: 5M590H
Bearing size: 1
Bearing half type: Upper & lower
Bearing material: F780

Technical data (mm)

Max overall length: 22.48
Max shaft size: 57.125
Max tunnel size: 62.027
Max vertical oil clearance: 0.077
Max wall at crown: 2.431
Min shaft size: 57.104
Min tunnel size: 62.006
Min vertical oil clearance: 0.019

Technical data (in)

Max overall length: 0.885037608
Max shaft size: 2.249011271
Max tunnel size: 2.442003012
Max vertical oil clearance: 0.00303149
Max wall at crown: 0.095708471
Min shaft size: 2.248184501
Min tunnel size: 2.441176242
Min vertical oil clearance: 0.00074803

Engine code

221ci V8 / 255ci V8 / 260ci V8 / 289ci V8 / Windsor / 5.0 - H,X,Z


Ford 221ci (3.6L) V8 OHV 2v
Ford 255ci (4.2L) V8 OHV 2v
Ford 260ci (4.3L) V8 OHV 2v
Ford 289ci (4.7L) V8 OHV 2v
Ford 302ci (5.0L) Windsor V8 OHV 2v Carb.
Ford 302ci (5.0L) Windsor V8 OHV 2v EFI

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