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Gearbox adapter BMW M57N M57N2 - BMW N57N N57 Diesel ZF 8HP70

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BMW N57N N57 Diesel ZF 8HP70

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Article no.: PMC-F08HP-M57N

Engine list: 

BMW M57TUD30 160 kW (218 HP) 500Nm 
BMW M57TUD30 535d 200 kW (272 HP) 560Nm
BMW M57T2D25 145 kW (197 HP) 400 Nm
BMW M57T2D30 170 kW (231 HP) 500 Nm
BMW M57N2 - 306D3 173 kW (235 HP) 520 Nm (5 E60/61 530d, X5 E70 3.0d, X6 E71 30dX)
BMW M57N2 - 306D5 210 kW (286 HP) 580 Nm (5 E60/61 535d, X5 E70 3.0sd i 3.5d, X6 E71 35dX)
E46 330D engine doesn't fit

Gearbox list:

BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) 8HP
BMW ZF 8HP 8HP70 BMW N57 / N57N 8-speed
BMW ZF 8HP 8HP50 Z / 8HP50Z BMW B58 8-speed
BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) GS6-53DZ S6-53DZ
BMW GS6-53DZ - TJGL code JGL 6-speed 23 00 7582711 / 2300 7582711
BMW E90N 325D 330D N57D30 N57D25 N57 
BMW E91N 325D 330D N57D30 N57D25 N57
BMW E92 330D N57D30
BMW E92N 325D 330D N57D30 N57D25 N57
BMW E93 3330D N57D30
BMW E93N 325D 330D N57D30 N57D25 N57 

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