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Gearbox Adapter Plate Honda K K20 K24 - Nissan 350Z Z33 370Z Z34 CD009 (Vertical)

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Engine list:Honda K K20Honda K20AHonda K20A1Honda K20A2Honda K20A3Honda K20A4Honda K20A6Honda K20Z1Honda K20Z2Honda K20Z3Honda K20Z4Honda K K24Honda K24A1Honda K24A2Honda K24A3Honda K24A4Honda K24A8Honda K24Z1Honda K24Z2Honda K24Z3Honda K24Z4Honda K24Z5Honda K24Z6Honda K24Z7 Gearbox list:Nissan CD001Nissan 350Z typ CD005 32010CD005 32010-CD005Nissan 350Z typ CD006 32010CD006 32010-CD006Nissan 350Z typ CD007 32010CD007 32010-CD007Nissan 350Z typ CD008 32010CD008 32010-CD008Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 typ CD009 32010CD009 32010-CD009 6MTNissan 370Z 320B0-1EA0A JK40C.

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Article no.: F0350-KV

Engine list:
Honda K K20
Honda K20A
Honda K20A1
Honda K20A2
Honda K20A3
Honda K20A4
Honda K20A6
Honda K20Z1
Honda K20Z2
Honda K20Z3
Honda K20Z4
Honda K K24
Honda K24A1
Honda K24A2
Honda K24A3
Honda K24A4
Honda K24A8
Honda K24Z1
Honda K24Z2
Honda K24Z3
Honda K24Z4
Honda K24Z5
Honda K24Z6
Honda K24Z7

Gearbox list:
Nissan CD001
Nissan 350Z typ CD005 32010CD005 32010-CD005
Nissan 350Z typ CD006 32010CD006 32010-CD006
Nissan 350Z typ CD007 32010CD007 32010-CD007
Nissan 350Z typ CD008 32010CD008 32010-CD008
Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 typ CD009 32010CD009 32010-CD009 6MT
Nissan 370Z 320B0-1EA0A JK40C

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