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Toyota 2JZ Clutch Kit 184mm - 1250nm


2 disc sinter pad

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Article no.: TEN-t00013093-KIT

Toyota 2JZ Clutch Kit 184mm - 1250nm

Model specific clutch kit to fit Toyota 2JZ. This kit can handle up to 1250nm of torque and are suitable for many different areas because of its good driveability. Even if it is a racing clutch you can use it on the street to your daily driver. This clutch kit is also used for drifting and track racing because of the small diameter benefit where the mass is located in te center for quicker response.

Application examples
Touring cars
Circuit racing
Endurance races

High wear volume
High temperature resistance
Long operational life

Included parts
1x Tenaci Toyota 2JZ flywheel with starter motor ring
1x Tenaci 184mm Pressure plate
2x Tenaci 184mm Sinter pad disc
1x Tenaci Top floater
1x Tenaci Clutch plate

1x Tenaci Release bering (optional)

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