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ACL Thrustwashers Mitsubishi 4G91 / 4G92 / 4G93 / 4G93 / 4G94 (STD)



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Article no.: ACL-1T8037-STD

ACL bearings are used for tuning and engine upgrades where you want better quality with higher bearing capacity than normal standard bearings.

Improvements of material, dynamic thickness, heat conduction, oil grooves and oil distribution are some of the points that make ACL one of the leading bearing manufacturers.

Bearing data

Part number: 1T8037
Bearing size: STD
Bearing half type: Identical Halves
Bearing material: F817

Technical data (mm)

Max overall length: 1.975
Max shaft size: 56.25
Max tunnel size: 75.7
Max vertical oil clearance: 0.08
Max wall at crown: 1.98
Min shaft size: 56
Min tunnel size: 75.4
Min vertical oil clearance: 0.022

Technical data (in)

Max overall length: 0.0778
Max shaft size: 2.2146
Max tunnel size: 2.9803
Max vertical oil clearance: 0.0031496
Max wall at crown: 0.077952601
Min shaft size: 2.2047
Min tunnel size: 2.9685
Min vertical oil clearance: 0.00086614

Engine code

4G91 / 4G92 / 4G92 MIVEC / 4G93 / 4G93P / 4G93T / 4G94


Mitsubishi 4G91 1496cc Inline4 DOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G92 1597cc Inline4 SOHC/DOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G92 MIVEC 1597cc Inline4 DOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G93 1834cc Inline4 DOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G93 1834cc Inline4 SOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G93P 1834cc Inline4 SOHC 4v
Mitsubishi 4G93T 1834cc Inline4 DOHC 4v Turbo
Mitsubishi 4G94 1999cc Inline4 SOHC 4v

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