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Wiseco Pistons Volvo 740/940 B230 2,5L (96mm)


Fits stroker crank 86mm with standard rod 152mm (Flat Top)

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Article no.: WKE366M96

Wiseco Forged Pistons Volvo 740/940 B230 (96,00mm)

For stroker crank 86,00mm

Original Specification

2,3 Liter 8V

Engine code: B230
Bore: 96,00
Displacement: 2316cc
Stroke: 80,00mm
Valves: 8
Block Ht: 231,50
Compratio: 8,7:1
Head cc: 54,40cc
Head gasket: 1,20mm
Rod length: 152,00mm

Wiseco WKE366M96 Specifikation:

Bore: 96,00mm
Comp. ht: 36,60
Dome/Dish cc: FT
Deck Cir: 0,10
Comp: 11,0:1
Piston pin: 23mm
piston rings: 9600XX
Weight (Gram): -
Notes: 1,B,M,P,R

Complete kit with pistons, rings and pins for all cylinders.

Comp Height 36,60 mm
Dome Dish (cc) FT cm³
Comp Ratio 11,0:1
Pin 23 mm
Weight (1st Over Size) 603 g

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