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Intercooler Volvo 200 / 700 / 900 Turbo 81-98


Fits cars without AC

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Article no.: DO-ICM-140

Intercooler Volvo 200 / 700 / 900 Turbo 81-98

 This is the market's best intercooler for the Volvo 240 740 940 Turbo!

One of do88 developed high-performance intercoolers that replaces the original intercooler and provides very good performance without you having to rebuild the whole car!

Heavy advantages do88 high performance intercooler (original intercooler):
- Cell package volume: 11906cm3 (5377cm3), do88 221% larger!
- Air flow at 0.15bar pressure drop: 405CFM (286CFM), do88 42% higher! See diagram below!
- Temperature after intercooler under the same test conditions: 32 ° C (66 ° C), do88 34 ° C lower!
See diagram below!
- Fits directly into specified car models with very small modifications!
The rubber cushions on which the intercooler stands need to be cut up a little. The rubber in the two upper brackets also needs to be cut up a little due to the increased thickness.

Made entirely of aluminum with cad designed flow-optimized cast ends and carefully selected cell package (60mm thick) to achieve the best possible cooling effect together with the lowest possible pressure drop!

It is conceivable that the original intercooler was designed for the effect the car had original and when increasing the power or when using the car in the original version very hard, its performance is no longer sufficient. So then at higher charging pressure / software upgrade / chipping, our intercooler will provide improved performance!
The original intercooler has plastic ends that cannot withstand higher charging pressures for long periods, which is why our intercooler also provides increased operational reliability.

A common misconception is that you can not get a good cooling effect from an intercooler with this location and that a front-mounted intercooler / FMIC would be much better. But in fact, the do88 high-performance intercooler is far much better than most FMIC installations where you only get room with cell packages with too small a cooling area and often also with a partially blocked air supply of e.g. crash beam must in many cases be able to give a worse cooling effect than the original intercooler.

Fits models:

Volvo 240
Year models: 1981-1984
Engine: B21FT

Volvo 780
Year models: 1986-1988
Engine: B200ET

Volvo 740
Year models: 1985-1992 *
Engine: B200FT B200ET B230ET B230FT B230GT
1992 without AC

Volvo 940
Year models *: 1991-1998
Engine: B200FT B200GT B230FT B230GT B230GK B230FK,
* 1991 Cars with / without AC
* 1992-98 Cars without AC

Volvo 760
Year models: 1984-1990
Engine: B23FT B23ET 230FT B230GT B230ET

Volvo 960
Year models: 1991-1994
Engine: B230FT B230GT
* 1991 Cars with / without AC
* 1992-94 Cars without AC

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