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Hurricane Motorsport snap-off

Hurricane Motorsport


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Article no.: HC-SW-01

Hurricane motorsport Snap-off hub

This snap-off hub fits most steering wheels such as QSP, Sparco, Momo, OMP and others.

This is a real quality snap-off hub does not move anything in sideways when assembled as many other snap-off tends to do. Based on a different construction than many traditional snap-off hubs which makes this very stable and safe. A snap-off hub for those who want something really good and reliable.

It also comes with an adapter spacer. It can be mounted both in front of or behind the snap-off hub to move the steering wheel out closer to the driver.


Material: Aluminium 7075-T6
Weight: 0.32kg / 0.7lbs
Height: 46mm / 1.81in
Diameter: 85mm / 3.34in
Bolts included: Yes (6 short, 6 long)
Spacer height: 20mm / 0.78in
Spacer diameter: 80mm / 3.14in
Spacer Weight: 0.06kg / 0.13lbs
Number of bolt holes: 6 pcs



Hurricane Motorsport

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