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Bosch Performance injector 1100cc


High impedance - 028015840P (USCAR)

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Article no.: B-028015840P

Bosch Performance injector 1100cc

Non modified Bosch Motorsport injector with a precise spray pattern. The most precise injector available in its size.

Name: Bosch 1100cc Performance
Part number: 028015840P / 0280 158 40P / Bosch -40P
Package: 1x
Connector: Bosch USCAR
Length: 33,6mm - EV 14C (Compact) Use top adapter short and bottom adapter short to get 60.65mm EV 14L (Long)
Injector tip: 24mm xT
O-ring top: 14mm Viton
O-ring bottom: 14mm Viton
Body diameter: 16mm
Impedance: 12 ohm
Spray pattern: Conical (30 degrees)
Spray angle: Neutral (0 degrees)

Max flow measured static in test environment
Static flow @ 3bar (43.5psi) = 980cc/min
Static flow @ 4bar = 1140 cc/min
Static flow @ 5bar = 1260 cc/min
Static flow @ 6bar = 1420 cc/min

Please note that test environment versus practical use can vary widely depending on peripheral equipment and other technical factors. However, this is excellent information on what to expect from the injectors and essential information when choosing other components in the fuel system, such as fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and fuel filter.

Engine power Turbo
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 129hp (129x1)
4cyl - 516hp (129x4)
5cyl - 645hp (129x5)
6cyl - 774hp (129x6)
8cyl - 1032hp (129x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 112hp (112x1)
4cyl - 448hp (112x4)
5cyl - 560hp (112x5)
6cyl - 672hp (112x6)
8cyl - 896hp (112x8)

Engine power N/A
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 168hp (168x1)
4cyl - 672hp (168x4)
5cyl - 840hp (168x5)
6cyl - 1008hp (168x6)
8cyl - 1344hp (168x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 140hp (140x1)
4cyl - 560hp (140x4)
5cyl - 700hp (140x5)
6cyl - 840hp (140x6)
8cyl - 1120hp (140x8)

Flow matching
These injectors are supplied with basic flow matching and checking that there is no leakage. The basic flow matching has acceptable tolerances within 3% variation over a dynamic register but documentation and other data are not included in this option.

When you choose that we do a real flow matching, we match the injectors even more accurately within 1% variation and documentation is included for the injectors and the flow matching. We also check more parameters such as spray pattern, resistance, etc.

Bosch Motorsport

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